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Choosing the right wig....

There are two types of wigs to choose from, there is a synthetic fiber and human hair.

Synthetic wigs are most popular because they look natural yet are easier to care for, and less expensive. The synthetic wig can give you the look you want. Today's synthetic wigs look and feel like human hair, but they weigh much less. They are pre-styled so you can choose the style and color you like, and wear the wig the same day you purchase it! The synthetics come in almost any style, length, color and color blend. Because synthetics do not lose their shape like human wigs do, they offer a lot of convenience. Synthetic wigs do vary in quality and this is generally reflected in the price.

Synthetic wigs have been manufactured for a specific style. Most (but not all) synthetic wigs can be trimmed. Unless you know what you are doing, you need to have an experienced wig stylist to trim/cut your wig. Synthetic wigs are sensitive to extreme heat. Care should be taken not to get too close to the open oven door when you are cooking and not get too close to cigarettes or candles.

When choosing a wig, remember that matching a color to your hair can be tricky because of the lighting inside a salon. Feel free to go outside and check the natural color in the sunlight. 


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