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Wigit Boutique, Inc.

Many people assume nothing can be done with problem hair or hair loss...

Wigit Boutique, Inc. offers a large selection of wigs, hair pieces, hats, scarves and accessories; to help ensure that our customers have a great hair day every day!  Regardless of the extent of hair loss, Wigit Boutique, Inc. can help you find the product that best suits your needs. Most importantly, we'll help you discover a solution that will make you the most comfortable. Our wigs, hair pieces and accessories offer endless alternatives to problem hair or hair loss. Our services go above and beyond industry standards. We are providing you with stylish and contemporary alternatives to problem hair. Our staff is experienced and professional, and we are always dedicated to meeting your needs and unique requirements with care and discretion. Private appointments are available upon request.

Wigit Boutique, Inc. has added several new styles of wigs to choose from, plus we have several items including bangs, toppers and hat hair. Don't forget to check out our handbag, jewelry, hats and scarves departments also. You will feel very comfortable trying on different styles in one of our privacy rooms.  Be sure to bring your friends, we have a special privacy room to accommodate several people at once. 

Wigit Boutique, Inc. Offers private parties! Ask Tricia about planning a private party after hours, so all the girls can have some fun! We also offer appointments after hours, so if you need to come after work, talk to Tricia so we can schedule you an appointment for Thursday evening.